N.Y.T.B.C. (Not Your Typical Ballet Company)

N.Y.T.B.C. focuses on fusing classical ballet technique with unexpected music and choreography to produce a truly extraordinary dance experience. Ideal for students who have had a few years’ dance training and are interested in becoming more “serious” dancers, students must audition for the team or be recommended/placed by an instructor to participate. N.Y.T.B.C. members perform at several competitions, participate in training workshops, and perform at local events throughout the year.

N.Y.T.B.C. Elite Ballet Teams
These teams are for the ballet student that wants to work at a higher level in ballet and contemporary. They do participate in ballet competition. Students must be placed by an instructor to participate in the Elite Ballet Team. These students do take a minimum of 2 classes per week or more depending on their age and level.  

Competition Team image