N.Y.T.B.C. (Not Your Typical Ballet Company)

N.Y.T.B.C. focuses on fusing classical ballet technique with their other forms of dance to create unexpected choreography and a truly extraordinary dance experience. Ideal for students who have had one or more years dance training and are interested in becoming more serious dancers. More important than the accomplishments, is the emphasis we place on team building and dance-life balance. The connection among team members is genuine, and their true love of dance shows through on stage. N.Y.T.B.C. has received numerous overall high score awards, judges awards, choreography awards, and technique awards.

Intermediate and Advanced students can audition for the N.Y.T.B.C. team by taking a class with the director or be recommended/placed by an instructor to participate in N.Y.T.B.C. These dancers perform Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Ballet dances in competition. Members perform at four competitions per year and participate in one dance workshop. They are also eligible for solos and duets in competition.

Our Mini and Junior N.Y.T.B.C. dancers compete in one or more types of dance and their competition class includes their technique class and is followed by their competition class. This allows them to work on their tricks, turns and technique as well as perfect their competition routines. After they have been on the competition team for at least one year they can be invited to participate in the production dance. This is a musical theater dance. They can also do a solo, duet or trio after one year of competition experience.

N.Y.T.B.C. Elite Ballet Teams
This team is for the ballet student that wants to work at a higher level in ballet and contemporary. They do participate four competitions and one workshop. Students must be placed by an instructor to participate in the Elite Ballet Team. These students take a minimum of 2 classes per week or more depending on their age and level.

Competition Team image